网民Eric Ting告知,他昨天在机场看到有人掉了手表,查看下,该手表价值不菲,达3400令吉!他希望透过面子书找到失主,把手表归还给他。


The car owner of Toyota Gaia QKY 9820, I’m here to tell you that I’d found your watch which I think you’d accidentally dropped it when you’re sending your parents to #Kuching International Airport on 14/02/2017 Tuesday afternoon.

So last night I did some research about this watch . And noticed that the value of this watch is cost at USD768 , which is RM3400. Pretty sure that he must be worry about it now.

For those who know this car owner please let him know that his watch is with me.

And I believe that with the strength of #sarawakian, he must be able to notice this post.